VYKO 50ml E-Liquid Peach Guava Punch

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Peach Guava Punch

Maximum Flavour

Higher flavour concentrates are used in these E-Liquids to ensure that you get max flavour.

Nic Shot Ready

Easily openable to allow you to add your preferred Nic Shot.

Expertly blended in the UK

Made in the UK to the highest possible quality and safety standards.

Peah Guava Punch by Vyko is a delicious beverage inspired flavour that combines juicy peach and floral sweet Guava to create a yummy punch.

Vyko Shortfill Range creates superior fruity and beverage inspired flavoured liquids that tingle your taste buds and light up the pleasure part of your brain. This e-liquid is great for anyone that love authentic bold sweet flavours. This awesome collection is perfect for the advanced vape user who likes to use high powered (above 40W) kits. 

Shortfill and high VG e-liquids are great for larger powerful coils and kits, the high VG makes the liquid very thick, meaning you need a powerful device to evaporate the liquid.

Legally shortfill e-liquids required to have 0mg nicotine, considerately though, this bottle is 60ml, but contains 50ml e-liquid, so there's enough room for you to add a nic shot, shake it up and voila you have you'll have a beautiful 3mg nicotine strength liquid. Add 2 nic shots for 6mg, and that should be about the limit of nicotine for high powered devices - any more, and you may feel an overwhelmingly harsh throat sensation.